1 October 2018

Mum Central think Kippins make the perfect baby shower gift!

April 27 2018

Kippins Team

We're pumped to be featured on Mum Central's latest article on Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

"A good baby comforter is a game changer, especially in the sleep stakes. Stay away from synthetic fabrics and decidedly unsafe accessories and choose one like the Kippins Cuddle Blankie 
Part soft toy friend, part cuddle blanket, this is really a very clever idea. Made from deliciously soft, hypoallergenic organic cotton. Kippins are a simple, natural and proven way to help make baby feel safe and secure. It can even encourage self-soothing during times of change – like when moving baby to their own room- or at nap time. And that’s a priceless gift to give any new parent!"